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The Touchstone Template comes with 18 unique color schemes and three featured sliders!

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T.G Fasteners (Tag Pins)

Wide variety of strong plastic fasteners No more worries about snagged fabrics with the smooth edges Versatile, used in most brands of tag attachers.

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jQuery Improved

Plastic Clothes Hanger

Keep your clothes fresh and creaseless with our line of high quality plastic hangers.
Plastic hangers are excellent for everyday clothing as well as merchandising. These strong, durable & economically priced hangers are designed to protect your skirts, pants or other garments.

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Winco Wads

Our Wads are made from premium quality materials which we subject to particular treatment including a special additive so that they will keep their original elasticity over the years.

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Injection Mould

we also provide a comprehensive range of services for our customers, such as: - assistance in part and mould design and sourcing - advice on raw materials applications as for our range of machines.

Services we offer:

  • Injection moulded plastic parts fabrication.
  • metal/plastic insert moulded parts.
  • assemly and sub-assembly jobs for plastic parts with metal components.
  • Testing Mould.
  • Repair Mould.
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